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Prude or what?

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Where is the message gone? Don't you have a sense of humour? And whoever r and l is ( as you must have been at the game on sat) who are you to say that Perranwell's facilities are bad? We are on a water meter!! Don't worry they are moving west soon! To remove the outside ...t houses!!

Try and have a laugh!!!!!! :yahoo:

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Hi Dave , I do agree with you, i like a bit of banter but as you said personal digs are uncalled for!

But there are ways of saying what you think without putting it in black and white! But anyone with a brain could see that my comments were as i felt but a couple of replies were a little near the edge!

Do you think Mr Heaney is going to get involved in the Pirates?? :c:

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Perrans pitch isnt that bad,I've played on worse...played on better too

I assume you're talking about PerranWELL not PerranPORTH - our pitch is ace! :thumbsup:

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