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RAPPO & DEACS latest podcast - 14 December 2018

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You can listen to the latest CORNISH SOCCER Podcast - the RAPPO & DEACS Friday Fixture on various podcast platforms such as iTunes etc …. below is another link:- 


and here's the timings for the episode

RAPPO & DEACS Friday Fixture with timings for episode Friday, Dec 14th 2018

2:25 Sam Borthwick – Christmas Eve Saltash Charity event

11:27 Our two Truro City supporters Cam & Josh

22:30 SWPL Secretary Phil Hiscox

32:02 Liam Eddy – hat-trick hero in the Vase goal feast

37:37 Bet of the Week

42:45 Rappo’s Combo summing-up

49:23 Glynn Hooper – County Youth manager ahead of Saturday’s match

1:00:15 Predictions

1:08:45 Sam Borthwick – Callington Town update

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