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It is not anyone from Tregony FC!

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It’s been bought to our attention that someone on the cornwall football forum is posting as Tregsbusby and being disrespectful. We would like to say that the person behind the profile is nothing to do with our club and isn’t Jason Busby as the username would lead you to believe. Why this is happening we aren’t yet sure but Stephen has put a request into the forum to try and find out who the person behind it is, however I would imagine that GDPR will stop us from finding out any details. 

As a club we have loved our time in the Trelawny League so far and our thoughts do not echo those that have been posted online recently at all. We would like to make it clear that the posts have nothing to do with our players or club and wonder what advice you can provide ? 

With Thanks
Dave Avery 
Tregony FC 

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