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Did u hear about the big 1??

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I was sitting here at my pc checking a few football scores etc and i just wondered does anybody know about the biggest game of 2008 already... yes carharrack res vs st.day 3rds. Whan a encounter, so come to clijah and watch the biggest game for a week .. the likes of jamie chown in goal and cpt marvel .. jonny webster yes he still goin... and loads of monkeys lol...

cause next week its carharrack res vs lanner then carharrack st day again lol

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Surely TRURO CITY -V- HELSTON ATHLETIC is more attractive to the neutral?

Yes, I was going to mention that one as well.

Should hopefully bring in a good crowd, and also weather hopefully stay dry.

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Guest Helston Patriot

sorry i did not realise that truro v helston and robartes v redruth were being played at clijah this weekend?

It didn't! It said Portreath v Helston at clijah.


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