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Issued following the Board meeting held at Saltash United on Thursday 10th May 2018:

Promotion, Relegation & Constitution of the league season 2018/19:

The board of the league discussed the constitution of the league for the forthcoming 2018/19 season at its board meeting and was made aware of:

The ground grading reports from the Inspection Sub-Committee

Received letter from Illogan RBL asking not to be reprieved from relegation

Received letter from Newton Abbot Spurs asking to withdraw their application for promotion due to re-structure in 2019/20

Confirmation from Witheridge asking to be reprieved from relegation as per rule

Confirmation that Plymouth Parkway have been promoted to Step 5

Regarding the Premier Division, with Plymouth Parkway going up, they will be replaced by Millbrook AFC as the only applicant club finishing in the Top 2 and desiring promotion. The rules state club(s) should not be relegated where no club wishes, or is able to be promoted, on that basis Callington Town & Witheridge are reprieved.

Regarding Division One East & West:

The issues discussed were complicated by the feeder leagues being behind on fixtures due to the winter, with only Elmore already assured of a Top 2 place. It is probable that it will be another fortnight before we know which positions applicant clubs have finished in.

The FA had confirmed that a club, where Reserve teams fill the promotion spaces, finishing in the Top 5 was acceptable. This applies to Bere Alston and on this basis Bere Alston have been offered a place in the league.

Applications from Braunton (North Devon League) and from both Kingsteignton Athletic and Waldon United of the South Devon League were considered, each is acceptable, but only one club can join from the same feeder league. It was agreed to offer a place provided the highest placed club in each league was in the Top 3, as No Reserve teams impact, a club finishing 4th or lower would not be accepted.

The FA had also been spoken to and given the following guidance: Due to the planned re-structure, it was not necessary to switch teams from East to West or vice versa for one season.

A draft constitution was drawn up and will be made public either at the AGM, or before but only once the finishing positions of the feeder league applicants is known.

Torquay United’s application was also discussed and an offer to them will be made when the other applicants finishing positions are confirmed.

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