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Listen into Friday’s Test run of the CORNISH SOCCER podcast and then why not get involved?

Dave Deacon

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Have you listened into Friday’s Test run of the CORNISH SOCCER podcast yet?

It was done with a new app I found – Anchor, and as it says it allows making a podcast easier.

You can subscribe on the likes of iTunes, but I think actually downloading the FREE app from Anchor is probably a quicker way to listen and also, you can get involved too. For example, via the app, after today’s game, you can leave me a message on the app (you don’t have to speak direct to me ?) and I will be able to add it to a podcast!

Follow the link here to download the anchor app, search and make CORNISH SOCCER a favourite and then all you have to do later is go to the app, click on CORNISH SOCCER and leave that message about your game.

When you record, it’s just the same as speaking on your phone. It couldn’t be simpler!

Try it and give your club a mention

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