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I have come to the decision that Newbridge Athletic will not be taking part in the Trelawny League for the 2017-18.

The club itself will no longer continue under my management or any other. After recently starting a new job, I will no longer be able to commit a lot of my time to the club and feel it is the right decision all round.

It has been an amazing journey over the last 4 seasons, I have met some fantastic people, been to some great places and created lasting friendships.

I would like to thank everyone that has played for Newbridge Athletic, past and present, It's been a pleasure!

I hope that all my current players will move on and find themselves a new club, it would be good for them to have different options!

Newbridge Man

I will be looking at playing when I can next season (or even take up the whistle) if anyone would be looking for a part time player.

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Monty - some on the forum will read this as 'a club is not all about one person' - however I know, from person experience, that you are Newbridge as manager, secretary, committee etc and have done everything to get a group of mates playing football. 

Have pm'd AJ715 - but you and any of your players are welcome a couple of miles East - Quinny has the details ??

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