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Firstly, thanks to Illogan for hosting a well organised event - well run and the playing surface was very good - thank you. 

Secondly, to the three officials all of whom had very good games and worked together as a team well. 

And of course congratulations to Mawnan, who we are loaning the trophy to for a season - so keep it clean! 

In a well contested battle it was Mawnan who came out on top thanks to loan signing Liam Dent, who hit a hat trick for the game to finish 3-1. Craig Owens had put us up before he was forced to come off injured. 

Mawnan had a goal disallowed, Lino put his flag up straight away to be fair - so he must've been positive. Looked close but I wasn't in line so can't comment. 

Thanks again to all those involved in the final. Enjoy your 'off season'. 

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Going by the first half performance wendron looked great, good team performance with some good players. Second half was a bit different mawnan switched it on, but wendron still creating and still fighting until the end. Rob Should be very proud of what he's done for wendron and also of his players. Mr dent is actually mawnans first signing for next season!!!! As I'm sure there will be a couple more. They will I'm sure be pushing for more silverware next season, so Keep hold of your winners medals from last season. That will be the closest anyone will get from now on. Haha. 

All in all well done to everyone, from the players to managers and officials. Even more so the family's and supporters that came and made it a evening to remember. 

See you all next season.

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Would of done my usual match Report after the game on Wednesday but after drinking ? to the early hours of Thursday morning celebrating our cup ? win I was In no fit state to comment then or yesterday lol! Going back to the game. I thought Wendron were the better side first half and deserved to go in 1-0 at half time they were stronger when it came to challenges and first for every second ball. Im not quite sure why we never got going first half, maybe it was nerves, as some of us haven't won anything in a while and we didn't really express ourselfs like we usually do. But second half I thought we came out a better side, we changed our formation which I thought benefitted us switching to two up top and we just look alot more confident and comfortable because of it. So going on to our goals after Keir Dent had grabbed a fine later winner in the semi final against Frogpool to get us there it was down to his brother Liam Dent this time to grab us a superb second half hat-trick (the last one being the pick of the bunch) to win us the cup! Even though he grabbed the goals and will get the headlines no doubt, it was a great team performance that won us the game and it's been this case for much of the season and thats where Managers Ben Roberts and Lee Harris have to take major credit as when they turned up for pre season they only had 3 players that were there from last season. So they had to build a whole new team and to do as well as we have in the league and win the cup is a fantastic achievement! Not only have they formed a great side, the social side and the camaraderie they have built within the squad also is second to none and I for one and have enjoyed this season on and off the pitch more than any previously and I am already looking forward to the start of next season! Where hopefully we will bag some more silverware! MAWNAN FC!!

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