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The Joy of End of Season Fixtures

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Its that great time of year where the grounds harden up equalling blisters on the feet and legs sticking to the bed sheets and clothes following a 10yard slide tackle that you could get away with in December on a pitch that was probably resembling the 1916 Somme Offensive but now results in a required skin graft resulting in two weeks of misery. The other sheer joy is that you get to the beginning of April and realise you have about 15 games left to play with only 8 weekends left!!!! Lots of teams might have something to play for be it challenging for the league or still on a cup run however others might be just coasting looking forward to the end of May and the end of season doo and the chance to go shopping with the Mrs without getting an earful and the dreaded question of why you go out the door at 1pm to play a 90min match but dont roll/stagger back in till 8 hours later at 9pm.

The other trend that tends to happen now is the dreaded nightmare of being unable to raise a side - Believe me, been there done it got the T Shirt and even once went with a bare 7 where we literally parked the bus!!! but occasionally you just cant conjure up the required numbers due to cricket/holidays/ player cant be arsed............to all of you players who have enjoyed you're season so far but might start to fall into the cant be arsed section as we near the end spare a thought for the poor manager desperately trying to fulfil the fixture be it an evening or weekend but also the other teams that might be relying on goal difference or the points or for maybe the team you play for to cause an upset that you might be capable of on a sunny Tuesday night in May. The nasty side of this time of year is also to the clubs who graft all year trying to have enough money to scrape together for next season for new kit, ball and registration fees. Why am i stating this If you are unaware please note the impact on not turning up to a game that can have on a clubs ability to get you that treasured new kit etc and the teams points - The escalating fines and points deduction on the Trelawny League rule below:-

Original fixtures and any re-arranged fixtures made by the Fixture Secretary for the months of April and May shall be deemed ordered matches and any club failing to comply shall forfeit the match to their opponents and be otherwise penalised in accordance with the fines tariff. Should neither club be able to comply then the fixture shall be declared void and the penalties in the Fines Tariff shall be applied to both teams 

One game cancelled -3 points & £25..........Two games cancelled -6 points & £50...........Three games cancelled -9 points & £50............Four games cancelled -12 points £50.........if 4 games cancelled Total = 30 points & £175...................Cup Match £50 


Good luck to all teams for the rest of the season 



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