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It's the BIG 1 Cockerkneeboy


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Any thoughts on our big game on sunday afternoon Cockerkneeboy?. I see that you could well have Parker, Ljungberg and Ashton back for it and I have to say that's quite a little list to welcome back into a team thats had over 10 players and £30million worth of talent in the treatment room.

I'm more concerned about Ashton than the others but I'll be amazingly happy if we can create a similar game to the fantastic 4-3 we experienced last season.

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Coopsie my old chum, It does look like we have a few people back this week i agree.

Im not sure you will see to much of Deano Ashton (Sorry Gillsy), As for the others i would like to have Parker in but not sure how match fit he will be and as for Freddie well if Sweeden have a game on wednesday and he plays i would just pray that he gets through it ok.

As for the figure of £30 Million i have to be honest and say that it is only a figure, Lets be honest here people im not one who believes that one or two human beings are worth Millions of pounds and looking at clubs like the top four who althoguh seem to be the richest in the world are actualy Millions in debt (I know we have covered this before).

4 - 3 i would not be happy with that being a Hammers fan but if we were to beat you 4 - 0 then that would be just spot on fella :D .

I think it will be a close game and im fully aware that the players and both managers know just how much this game means to both sets of fans.

Im going to go for a 2 - 1 win to the Cockney boys my chum. :thumbsup::clapper: :yahoo:

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I'm just hoping that none of the Spurs players get hurt tonight mate, I'm not too optimistic about the chances of Spurs getting anything out of the game but if we are to atleast give it our best shot, we will need as many fit players as possible. Either way I will have plenty of :drink: and just hope that we can have a game that's as enjoyable to watch as the last one?. :unsure:

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i reckon 3-1 spurs

:wacko::wacko::wacko: . I'll be happy with the 2-2 prediction but I'd rather if we were to draw, it will be 0-0.

cockerkneeboy, I put the sad face because I fear the worst. :unsure:

Coopsie my old chum, I thought that was the case :D

danny-efc-pafc are you at home smoking somthing you shouldnt be, 1 - 3 to the spuds your having a laugh pal. :angry:

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