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Still don't get it

Guest ECPL

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I still don't get it.  I went in to my posting of the ECPL fixtures to amend them.  Normally I would go the bottom of the posting and do the amendment.  If not then in the top right hand corner it would ask if  I wanted to reply to the topic. THERE IS NOTHING THERE.  I try to make a posting. It asks my name which I give ECPL.  It then asks me what my password is  I HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE.  So will someone please sort it because I am now becoming a bit agitated  

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It would appear that for some reason you have to log back in as a member. However the forum allows you to still post as you have , but hence why it is showing as "Guest ECPL". As showing below on a photo I have taken to help you, there's a prompt for those that can't remember their password. Hope this is of some assistance. image.png

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