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Arsenal Tonight

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As a big West Ham fan it would normally pain me to say well played to a London rival but in this case I have to say that Arsenal were just amazing tonight and a pleasure to watch, Not only do they have the class and talent but a togetherness that most teams would be glad to have and that was plain to see in the way they played tonight.

A shear pleasure to watch that game tonight as the passing and finishing were of the highest quality, Fair play to the manager who sold Henry and left people thinking that was the end for them im pleased that it has not been the case and proved that it is not just 1 player who makes a team.

Different gravy tonight simple as that :clapper::clapper:

Well done the Arse (ouch that hurt) he he

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And an English man finally scores in European football for Arsenal after one and a half years. Nice to see that the promise that young Walcott was showing when he was signed is starting to shine through.

Read this and make the most of it because I'm getting grumpier by the week.


Oh, lets not forget that Fabregas, Almunia and Sagna all got me some dream team points last night. :thumbsup:

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