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players needed urgently 16yrs+ on sat 2nd may 3pm

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Players needed for charity match 16 years and over sat 2nd may 3 pm kick off at bickland park Falmouth. Disco,auction afterwards. Team pulled out I've been asked to try get a side together if you fancy a game get back to me asap all for cancer UK great cause so anyone over 16 and under 100 get in touch . Ideally looking for a team who hasn't got a game that weekend  if you can help much appreciated

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I'm not sure that I'd make the cut even if I was the only volunteer. But a Forum Fantasy Team that would be different. Theolderigetthebetteriwas certainly has a lot up front, Issac Rosenburg (come back, all is forgiven) definitely left wing! Pitty and the player formerly known as Ben the Yeti could certainly mix it up in the midfield. Mq, well there's a good defender, Mangle? Damned sure he'd get a game and Big Al's always up for a red card! Willow, the consummate tactition would have to be player/manager.

Who though would we have to officiate. I reckon we could easily find rolling refs! Any volunteers?

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