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Watching the Bristol City v Swindon Town match on Sky, I now know that the 6 second rule does not exist.   The whole idea of the rule was to stop time wasting.  Well it is alive and kicking.   I lost count of the times the Bristol goal;keeper collected the ball and then dropped on the floor.  He looked around for a few seconds and then jumped up on 5 or 6 seconds.  He then spent another 7 or 8 seconds fannying around before clearing the ball.  On average he took between 13 and 15 seconds to clear the ball so THE LAW CANNOT EXIST ANYMORE.  What are officials told.  Does the rule exist or does it not because the more I see it the longer the time the goalkeeper takes.   And please don't come on and say it is until the goalkeeper takes control of the ball.  Sorry but you don't just drop to the ground once you have caught the ball, you have control. GET ON WITH THE GAME.

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