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Referee at Teignmouth v Tavistock

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I am only hoping the referee who took this game can read this or someone will tell him - well done on a good game.


The abuse this guy received throughout was unreal, typified by the Teignmouth manager who berated him for a good 20 mins after the game and throughout most of the match actually.


The game itself was a scrappy and tough affair, and, yes he got some decisions wrong but who doesn't in a whole 90mins of football.


He wasn't helped by the clear 'biased' teigns linesman either I might add and some horrible actions from both sets of players - this doesn't come from a tavvy fan either, just someone who has watched a lot of their games this season amongst many other of the reasonably local to Plymouth clubs.


Anyway, well done that man in the middle and I hope he doesn't have to receive abuse like that again. Some people should be ashamed.

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Why didn't the Refeere take action against the manager.... Send him off, he has the authority to do it.
Not sure about it, but do managers/clubs get fined if the manager is sent off? Solution if they do then hit them where it will hurt.... In the pocket, he/they will soon stop abusing officials. Where are the club officials, chairman who should be responsible for the conduct of their clubs players and management!
As for biased (or cheating) club assistants, simple, when the referee briefs them at the start of the match, he TELLS them as to what he wants them to do... Offside, throw in, goal/corner kicks etc. The referee has the authority to OVER rule the club assistant decisions, he is the sole man in charge! Managers/players of that team would soon get hacked off with their own club assistant if the referee stopped trusting his fair unbiased judgement!

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