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Premier Division

Callington Town v Morwenstow (Postponed)
Edgcumbe v Bere Alston United (Postponed)
Launceston v Liskeard Athletic (Postponed)
St Dominick v Elburton Villa (Postponed)
Tavistock v St Teath (Postponed)

Division One

Bude Town 3 Bodmin Town 3
Camelford v Millbrook (Postponed)
Nanpean Rovers v Mevagissey (Postponed)
Pensilva v Roche (Postponed)
St Austell 0 Holsworthy 2
St Blazey 3 Probus 3
Wadebridge Town v St Stephens Borough (Postponed)

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St Blazey 3-3 Penryn

AgeRundle, do you care to explain what that means?

Our team yesterday was:

Stuart May, Chris Davey, Rob Dunne, Adam Peters, George Roberts, Max Moralee, Louis Mullen, Luke Rose, James Noble, Alex Hayhoe, Liam Paddock. Subs: Ben Colquhuon, Tom Langford, Tyler Cheshire.

The only player who has played for Penryn this season is Rob Dunne. He played for us earlier this season before he got the chance to play for Penryn - so we wished him well and left the door open if he ever wanted to come back. I believe he only played around 3 games before he got injured and he hasn't played for 2 months. The only other connection from Penryn is my brother who was helping me from the side-lines in the absence of our manager who is skiing at the moment.

I hardly think us playing Dunney can constitute you saying it was St. Blazey v Penryn - very disrespectful to our players in my opinion. Incidentally we were expecting to face Lee and Carl once St. Dennis's game was off and I can assure you I would not have used that as an excuse if you had beaten us because it would still be 11 v 11.

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I must admit, having played Penryn this year, I don't see 1 name on the squad that Chris has mentioned, of any Penryn players in it.

When our ( St Dennis ) game was called off, we heard nothing from the lads at blazey, which is good. I texted my cousin (john Rundle) after the game to see how they got on. He replied with the result and said, 'sorry we couldn't get you boys to come today as we had 16 FIT players.' Never been a problem. If Blazey have a full fit squad then Carl and I are more then happy to be left going to watch a game on a Saturday.

Which was proved this weekend. We will carry on helping blazey 2s when they are short or have players carrying injuries. We both enjoy it.

A lot of people turn up and see us both playing and say, 'but look they have 4 subs' yea 2 or 3 that are carrying Knocks. I assure you, St Blazey go about 'bringing in ringers' when they need to.

Like it's been repeated before, teams will always do it. End of conversation.

Sounded like a decent game at Blaize park, well done to both teams.

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Not this topic again, Lee, chris I wouldn't bother replying mate this happens,at every level of the game, is it within the rules yes, after the amount of games that got called off I bet there was alot if clubs bringing in 'ringers' or as,I call them players haha

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This cums up everyweek! Its 11 v 11 dont matter what league or who is playing just get on an play the game! ? at senior level every player should be good enough to play against anyone! If a player from the south western prem dropped down an played at duchy 4 then i can see why someone would be annoyed but at senior level everyone should be up for playing against everyone!! An if lee an carl play for blazey then the teams against them should be up for it more! I can assure you the probus lads wouldnt of complained if they were playing or not!!

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