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  1. Having watched this whole situation unfold and having seen the footage and WhatsApp message from what sounds like the St Blazey manager, at the very least I would be surprised if any of the management could survive this situation. Everyone involved should be ashamed of their actions. I’m sure that we’ve all been affected by Covid in different ways. I have no idea what these players/managers do for a living, but they could easily spread this deadly virus because of their actions. My mum suffers from COPD and if they visited her at home (delivering furniture, repairing her cooker etc) then it co
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone involved in football within Cornwall. It’s been a challenging year, here’s to a better 2021. Thanks to the administrators who give us this platform to talk about Cornish Football - the good and not so good! Stay safe everyone, from Probus AFC.
  3. That’s what happens when they send me back to the first team! Great result for our boys 👍 I was hoping to play today to put a face to a name Dave but I was with the first team instead. Your boys have had a good start to the season and there is still a long way to go so don’t be too hard on them! I think yesterday’s result shows why we all love football - how can a team who were comprehensively beaten earlIre in the season at home go and win 5-0 away?! You can’t predict anything in football! Our young reserves are inconsistent at the moment but on their day, and when they have some beli
  4. Haha I’m not sure the rest of the team agree mate! Hope you’re well. I never really have been a goal scoring midfielder....just try and win the ball and get it to people who have much more ability than me! I have scored the odd header or two in my time though! Stay safe.
  5. Stithians 4 Probus 3 (me, Liam Paddock, Luke G.ay) Premier Division We started ok but Stithians took the lead when a long cross was misjudged by our defence and the home striker finished well. We equalised when I headed home Jamie Bilkey’s corner. We then took the lead when Liam Paddock finished well after a good passing move. Then with a minute to go before halftime Stithians equalised after a goal line scramble. The referee gave the goal despite our keeper and defender being adamant the ball didn’t cross the line. If the ref could have been sure it crossed the line from where he wa
  6. Surely the ref should have called the game off?! 😂
  7. Probus 5 (Liam Paddock 3, Lewis Hawkins, Ben Daniel) Junior Cup We knew that we would be in for a tough game against a team top of their league and seeming flying at the moment, whilst we have had a poor few weeks. Our manager seems to be trying to find my best position (which is probably as a non playing sub!), so I was back in midfield today. The pitch was wet at the start and the constant rain made it difficult for defences today, but good for quick attacking football. We started well and took the lead when a Joe Emmett free-kick was fumbled by the away keeper and a Liam Paddock
  8. Thanks, edited! Not sure the second part is factually correct though, as I believe Neil ( @Pitty) is the same age as me according to previous posts on this forum!
  9. Threemilestone 5 Probus 1 (Liam Paddock) Premier Division Having an away game less than 10 minutes from my front door is always a bonus and today I was glad to get home a few minutes after the final whistle because we got what we deserved today (again) - nothing. TMS were better all over the pitch, they wanted it more and played better football. We need to learn quickly that we won’t win many games if we are outworked, outfought and outthought. I think I’ve said that a few times recently. Maybe some of us more experienced players need to help the youngsters more than we currently are
  10. RIP Brian. Condolences to family and friends from all at Probus.
  11. Hi Tom, Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure to be honest what happens as I’m only a player, I guess we lose the points and get fined but as I say I’m not sure. Graham, our second team manager, does a brilliant job in keeping the pitch in great condition and I know he puts a lot of hours in to it, for which we are all grateful for. He would have been gutted to have to call the game off, partly because both his sons play in the team. I guess we are the same as a lot of clubs where they are kept going by a small group of people doing all the work. There are a number of reasons why we
  12. Mawnan 3 Probus 1 (Liam Paddock) Premier Division I got a call on the morning of the match from our manager asking if I could do a job in midfield today - I was delighted after having a bad back all week! Mawnan started well and took the lead when a midfield runner (Harry?) finished well. We equalised when a Liam Paddock free-kick bizarelly saw the home keeper watch the ball go over the wall and he didn't appear to move a muscle. Most of us thought the ball had gone over the bar because of the keepers lack of reaction! Luke Wort was a constant danger for Mawnan but we battled well in
  13. Newlyn Non-Athletico 2 Probus 1 (Liam Paddock) Premier Division Thank you to the Newlyn manager for refereeing as we had no appointed official for the second week running. We started ok and had a couple of chances saved - one when my downward header from a free kick was pushed behind for a corner and the second was a brilliant one handed save from Dean Southworth’s curling shot. Newlyn had the better possession in the first half but didn’t create too much and we gave the ball away time and again. The ref did give a penalty to the home side for a foul but he overturned his decision af
  14. Good luck Ian and senior footballs loss is the Duchy Leagues gain. I haven’t had the privilege of Ian’s refereeing for a while because Probus moved west (not literally just leagues!). I agree with @RAPPO’s comments above - brilliant referee and top bloke. Good luck for the future and hopefully I will see you somewhere soon.
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