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I have just read on the South West Peninsula league website that there could be a good chance that they will be starting a league for reserve teams. Will anyone in the principality be interested in more travelling at second team level, although Cornwall isn't as big in area as Devon is, if they confine it to East and West. Anyone got thoughts on this proposal ? God be with you

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South West Peninsula Football League Ltd : Press Release

Subject: Reserve Team Division(s)

Issued 9am on Friday 14th November 2014

Several clubs have contacted the League concerned about a Devon & Exeter proposal to run a Step 7 division. In particular the immediate concern is where that leaves reserve teams, especially as the recent Devon & Exeter League press release stated that only first teams would be admitted to any such Step 7 division that they look to form.

SWP member clubs in the East & Mid-Devon areas had specifically contacted and asked the board to consider running reserve team leagues under the SWP umbrella.

The board of the South West Peninsula League discussed the matter at its November meeting held at Saltash United. The boards view was that it fully supported the current format, where its clubs reserve teams participated in the various local leagues, and in turn supported those competitions by paying fees and providing good facilities which are of benefit to the local leagues and local clubs.

The SWP has a good working relationship with the local leagues and we are mindful of the potential impact this could have on them.

However, if such a reserve team division is going to be implemented anyway by one of those local leagues, the board’s viewpoint was that it could see the benefits of the South West Peninsula running its own reserve division(s).

In particular this would be financially much better for the clubs in terms of saving on league subscriptions & insurance and also much easier for clubs with regards to player registrations & transfers. All fixtures would also all being under one league’s remit which would be of benefit as clubs would know that all grounds the reserves played away at would be of a high standard.

Since the board meeting the minutes were circulated to all clubs, not just those that had contacted the league. Several more clubs had since contacted us to express an interest. The league is refusing to name the individual clubs but the strong majority of them are from the East & South Devon areas. Expressions of interest have also included a potential sponsor who is willing to cover the set up costs, trophies and clubs subscriptions for the first year.

The board agreed to ascertain likely interest from clubs and will then refer the matter to its rules revision sub-committee meeting early in the new year to draw up firm proposals that can be submitted to the clubs at an EGM to get the league up and running potentially for next season.

Regarding the actual proposal by the Devon & Exeter League to become Step 7, the board have been advised by the FA that we will be consulted once an application has been made. The SWP board did not discuss whether it supported the proposal, or not. Preferring instead to wait until seeing the full details.

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