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New local football publication from CORNISH SOCCER

Dave Deacon

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Hi there,

The link as the third paragraph here takes you to a very brief taster of the CORNISH SOCCER Cup Special which I produced last week. The 24 page publication is available either as a glossy A5 size printed version at £2 plus postage, or online at the reduced price of £1.50. Either way the details how to obtain it can be found on http://www.cornishsoccer.info/page10.html

I’m hoping this is to be the first of regular issues, but obviously it will depend on feedback and ultimately interest and take-up. I am always after people like yourself to give me your honest opinion as what you think about the venture and any help in “spreading the word” would be appreciated. Also if you have any ideas on how best for me to distribute copies, I will be more than pleased to hear from you on that as well.


Many thanks

Dave Deacon

(CORNISH SOCCER - www.cornishsoccer.info)

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