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Douglas Williams, who has written the Combo reports for the Sunday Independent for the last 50 odd years has had to retire due to ill health.

The Sunday Independent are now looking for a person to cover the Saturday match reports for the paper. Each report needs to be no more that 80-100 words for which you will be paid £5, so on a normal Saturday you could earn up to £45.

You would need to phone up clubs from 4.45pm to get a basic match report, names of scorers, etc and make up the reports for sending to the paper, by email, by roughly 7.45pm.

This could suit someone who is semi-retired and does not attend matches anymore but still has an interest in the league. They can use any info from my website in their reports.

If you are interested contact John Collins at the paper via email asap. sport@sundayindependent.co.uk or phone him on 01579 341854 (Wed-Sat)

Until someone is in place the paper would be happy to accept reports of this weekends matches, with a basic report, scorers from both sides, outstanding plays, etc.

Email anything you can to sport@sundayindependent.co.uk or phone on their free-phone number 0800 252973 by 7.30pm

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