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Can anyone shed any light on this for me. Our reserves recently played a team that has just pulled out of the league. We were informed a couple of days ago that this team had now pulled out of the league, therefore our reserves lose the 3 points and the goals scored/conceded. However, the 2 lads that got booked still have to pay the fine for a yellow card!?! Surely if a game has, in effect, been wiped from history, you shouldn't have to pay? Perhaps an appeal of "What game are you talking about, could you show me proof it ever took place" would be sufficient enough?!! Any thoughts/ideas?

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Yea I agree that the points deduction makes it fair for everyone else in the league, but if they are going to withdraw the game from the record books, why can't they withdraw everything that happened during the game? The lads have no problem in paying the fine, and having watched the game myself, they were both yellow card offences in any level of football. On the flip side, had someone been sent off for punching for example, you couldn't really rescind that. It's a tricky one I guess!

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