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  1. The issue is how many of those potential 416 are actually active? 25-30% if that. Anyone can fill out the registration form, turning up each week is another story.
  2. There is an element of trust here, self policing to an extent. How often do you go to a local football game and events like this happen? the individual is a full blown cretin.
  3. Will Culdrose receive anything from the league / CCFA / FA for this great achievement? I got a feeling they will get a lacklustre round of applause from the opposition at best..
  4. Correct, but what should have been a competitive game between 2 teams scrapping for points was over as soon as the team-sheet was submitted! I understand fielding 1 or 2 players for fitness, but come on..
  5. We are lucky to have them, who cares about their fitness!
  6. it would be interesting to see how these figures compare to the equivalent level in other nations.
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