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Div 1 West fixture - Tues 16th Sept 2014

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Finished 1-1.

Pz went ahead early the first half and then decided to spurn several chances. They were made to pay for it in the 88th minute when the ref awarded a penalty to Perranporth on the shout from the players. It was duely dispatched.

If Pz had taken those chances they would have been way ahead and the penalty wouldn't have worried them.

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It was supposed to be for hand-ball.

There were roughly 15 players all around the 6 yd line almost all of them facing the goal with their backs to the ref who was in the middle of the Pz half. Ball comes in, a shout goes up for hand-ball, ref takes a few seconds and blows whistle pointing to the spot.

No-one, spectators down that end of the ground for either side, lino, etc, saw it.

It seems he blew on the shout and once given can't retract it. He didn't go over to the lino or anything.

The referee, who I will not name had a lot of stick from the managers of Falmouth and St Austell the other day.

I must admit he did get some stick from the Pz supporters who tried egging him on, but he was totally confusing the Perranporth players with his choice of whistle blowing for infringements.

One or two were warrented including the cards he issued for those challenges, but at other times he dished out a couple of cards to players from either side that were for nothing.

Adam George of Pz got one for a great tackle from the side that even the tackled Perran player had no idea why it was given and a Perran player recieved a card for jumping up and down in frustration after another decent tackle was penalised.

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Thanks Cornish but I think you just named him!

At the end of the day its what the ref generally believes he sees at that moment in time. If he thinks its foul then its a foul. As for Mr George I can only guess the card was for dissent like you said the ref was getting alot of stick and probably had enough.

why is it that referees always get stick for making a decision (right or wrong) and nothing is said when players etc misbehave....

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As a neutral I would suggest Perranporth would feel aggrieved not to have taken all 3 points. I watched the game from the stand and didn't have a good sight of the penalty but by the way it was appealed for one would suspect it was the right decision. The away team should have been out of sight by half time with the chances they spurned. Good game to watch even if the referee did spoil it at times

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