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Well, we got whitewashed in the rugby by the All Blacks. We finished bottom of our group in the World Cup and we were beaten at home in the cricket by Sri Lanka.

They say that success is cyclical but I think we're just crap !

We need to find some events that we can show the world we're the best at

I suggest - Tatoos, Eating Junk food and scrounging off the state !

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I will try to not get to political , but it starts with schools lots of playing fields have been sold of for profit , parents using sports clubs as babysitting service or pushy parents driving other parents kids from sports clubs (yes we all know them) , youngsters with more cash in their pockets and the dreaded games console , we all long for the jumpers for goal posts twenty a side on any patch of grass or flat surface available , but society has moved on sport is not the be all and end all for lots of people from all walks of life , and money at the bottom level of sport to the top the richest clubs/ teams will always survive and get results which includes foreign players after the big bucks ,across football rugby and cricket , and the young talent get paid great riches at to young an age before they have even broken into the first team , the old style football apprentice where they had to look after the older pros kit and clean stands , toilets boots ect gave them a grounding for the game , but now they drive jags , Bentley s. And have everything done for them and put on pedestals , society has moved on and we have to move with it , as a small nation we will just have to suck it and see better people than me can't get to the bottom of it

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