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Trispen FC - New Manager required

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Trispen FC - New Manager required

Successful Junior team currently playing in Division 2 of the Trelawny League are looking for a new manager to take the team forward. Well organised set up with great facilities leaving the manager to get on and manage the playing side (and not take on the usual pitch marking and kit preparation, etc!)

If interested please contact either -

Dan Mitchell (Secretary) - 07955715853 mitchell84@sky.com

Chris Andreetti - (Chairman) 07737159122


PM me on here.


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This would be a great job for someone who fancies being a manager. Lots of really nice people at the club that work hard behind the scenes. The new changing rooms and club house are south western league standard easily,a lot better in some cases where I've played at over the many years and you get used to playing on the famous Trispen slope after a while!! Already a good squad there in place, just needs a bit of tweaking, go for it!!! :-)

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