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unfortunately we still have problems, this summer due to a dispute about boundaries, the cricket section (only a few) dug up our pitchside bariers and concreted them 3 yards onto the pitch they also put the metal barriers to one side and then dug up our hardstanding concrete and placed them on the top. There have also been minor incidents like driving cars on the pitch and sugar in the tank of the lawnmower.

We tried to fill in the holes on the pitch after taking the barriers out but at the moment it is like a death trap.

It has since turned out that the surveyors from both sides have got togeher and said thatthe cricket were in the wrong and shouldn't have touched the ground, hey seem to act first and then think and talk after. We are now awaiting what hapens as regards as to replacing everything.

We also have this silly 6 month agreement which stops us from using the ground until 1st October but we were hoping they would relent and let us play Camelford but the pitch is in to much of a state anyway.

This comes after the fiasco with the pictures at the end of last season, what have we done to them...........nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The bloke who used those photos was pathetic.

It wasn't time for the cricket to take over when he took them and as long as the changing rooms, clubhouse, etc were spotless when they recieved them from the football club he didn't have a leg to stand on.

I'd just like to point out that before I start here, I No longer have anything to do with Perranporth Cricket Club.

However, I would like to point out that when the cricket club took over, the facilities were in a dreadful condition, contract cleaners were required to come in and clean, after which (some of you may recall) the clubhouse was closed down by Health and Hygiene because of a "severe rodent infestation". It was then down to the cricket club to get the clubhouse in a condition where Health and hygiene allowed it to operate again (they had a week to do this).

As regards to the boundary issue, Will Hoskins - Chairman of Goonhavern FC, sent a letter to Perranporth CC requesting that with the issues occuring at the time, that it would be best for all involved if the original boundaries of when the land was purchased by both parties were put to be reinstated. The Cricket Club then paid a professional topographer to produce a document to show the boundaries, and realigned them accordingly. Since then I left the club (to concentrate on football I might add and no other reason). However whilst chatting to a club member recently I was told that the football club were disagreeing with the boundaries in place, and after several members of the football club had "been round to see him", he had decided that his original drawing was incorrect. Make what you want of that.

And as for John saying what have the football club ever done to the cricket club? - I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that one! There is too much to write here, it would take far too long!

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Oatsy, I'm not going to get into a slagging match with you, there is alot that has gone on whilst I haven't been at the club, but the Football side have never touched the cricket pitch and stopped them from playing a game although it came very close after this summers incident, most of our lot wanted to carve up the cricket square but then that would bring us down to their level.

As for last years pictures yes the kitchen was bad but the changing room photos were taken after the county used it for a cup semi final on the sunday and it was spotless by the time St Blazey played there a day later.

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Oi Winno!!! :angry: Don't try and fob them off on us thank you very much. I stand by what I said earlier in the year - we'll have the footballers down here if they'll have the rugby up there. I'd like to see the cricket club try and tell that lot their boundaries are wrong!! :P

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