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Duchy League results Wed. 7th May

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Duchy Div. 1

Grampound 3-2 Godolphin Atlantic

Grampound were the better team in the first 20 minutes but Godolphin came back into it and scored just before half time with a terrific strike.

Chris Warburton got on the end of a free kick to equalise for Grampound and this was followed by quick goals from Lee Budge and Shane Weeks to put Grampound 3-1 up. With about 15 minutes left, Grampound went to sleep as Godolphin took a quick free kick and the result was a cross deflected in for an own goal to put Godolphin back in the game. Grampound held out fairly comfortably to secure a well-earned 3 points from a game that became very heated at times.

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Overly heated and very sorry to say ref was terrible missed a blatant pen and Godolphin player getting stamped on disgraceful

I tell you what was disgraceful!

1) The awful abuse your club officials and latterly the grey haired guy who was substituted and what I assume was your manager, keep coming on to the pitch.

2) The premeditated forearm smash into our left midfielders face.

3) The kicking out by several of your players after challenges.

4) The refusal of several your players including your skipper to shake hands after the game.

5) The fact that none of you came back to the Dolphin after the game and didn't even say so much as a sorry we've got to rush back, instead quietly slinking off.

To be honest, the actions of a handful of your players and your club officials was at times were well past an acceptable level, leaving even some of your own players looking embarrassed!

You can tell a lot about a team in defeat!

Look forward to the game at yours on the 28th!

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Meva 0 tregony 4

Attendance about 40

Meva started brighter restricted to long range efforts tregony after about about 35mins had 2-3 good chances working the meva keeper.about 10mins into the 2nd half a tight game turned into tregonys favour with Connor Rhodes introduction his pace and quality and bursting runs made the difference a run from deep resulted in a cynical foul from a meva player o'brian being showed a run more good work from Rhodes and Kieran Davy. Created more chances with Andrew Barnes scoring 2 and Rhodes getting a deserved goal Davy then being crudely brought down which left Barnes to complete his hattrick from the spot good banter from the old meva stalwarts and the old meva fans with shouts of u can't lose to tregony spurring the away side on!great food after!meva certainly come a long way in facilities

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Grampound 3 Godolphin 2

I was interested to read the conflicting views (above) re this match. I attended as a neutral so perhaps I could offer an objective view of the game:

I don't watch much Duchy League football so I was very surprised at the high quality of the first 70 minutes of the game. There were skilful passages of play from both sides which was a credit to them both.

Unfortunately one incident affected the rest of the game which was then littered with kicks, trips, elbowings etc with both sides being culpable.

If both managers were able to watch a post-match video of themselves during the final 20 minutes, they would squirm in embarrassment. Neither brought any credit to themselves or their clubs.

The referee was roundly berated. Overall he didn't have a bad game. He did issue a few yellow cards, all deserved in my opinion. I would say that two of the yellows (one for each team) could easily have been reds.

As I say, all that is from a neutral perspective. If you could bottle the first 70 minutes of the game, it was a credit to the League.

Could Taniachairmangodolphin please post the names of the Godolphin goalscorers. Thanks.

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