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Congratulations to repeat winners of CGECPL Prem

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Is it a better campaign than last for them? Only the players that played in both, I guess, can really tell us.
As far as the stats are concerned - there is of course one more team this season, but at the moment they are on the same number of games played as last season's completed :
This season to date :
Played 28
Won 22
Drawn 3
Lost 3
Goals for 92
Goal against 28
Goals difference +64
Points 69
Last season's completed :
Played 28
Won 21
Drawn 4
Lost 3
GF 90
GA 36
GD +54
Points 67
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Have to admit didn't realise the entire team and coaches would have changed - thanks ECPL for making me enquire. How unique is that? Can anyone else recall being at a club who have done the same?

Anyway, back to the present and it was good to get a quote from Andy Moon this evening on which league he reckons is more difficult to win - the Plymouth & West Devon Combination League's Premier Division or the CGECPL? As far Andy is concerned it is the current league they play in : "The ECPL is a lot harder because the teams are more organised and there's more teams and the travel."

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