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Next year the Combo League will enter it's 50th season.

3 teams have been in every season - Newquay Reserves, Penzance Reserves and St Just.

This means (if St Just aren't promoted) that sometime next year that these teams will play their 99th and 100th league games against each other.

As the League Committee only meet a few times a year to sort out problems, applications, cup draws, etc it is time for the 3 teams to make proposals to the leasgue to "make a fuss" about next season.

The teams can put it to the league to arrange that the 100th games are say at Christmas, New Year and Easter when they can get big crowds to the matches. In other words the 99th meetings are sorted out at the beginning of the season. Also the clubs can sort out special sponsorship, match programmes, etc before the season starts. Also past players, league officials can be invited in advance to attend. Local press can be arranged, etc.

How about someone writing a brief history of the league for a booklet to be sold at league grounds.

It seems a long way away but time to start planning now instead of leaving it to the beginning of next season when the fixtures come out.

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Newspapers print anything topical such as this, which would bring in extra people.

For example, Pz always play Porthleven on Boxing Day. Reserves in the morning at Newquay and firsts in the afternoon at PZ. Why can't we swop it to Newquay that day instead.

Pz play St Just on New's Year's Day at Pz and Newquay play St Just at Newquay during Easter.

I would help write a book by researching info but would not be the designer/writer.

Let's put it to the Committee.

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