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Newquay Ladies rumour

Guest Rubber Soul

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Guest Rubber Soul

Heard a whisper that Newquay Ladies FC are leaving Mount Wise to play permanently at Treyew Road, home of Truro City, and the switch could happen almost immediately. A friend of mine reckons there's going to be a big story in the Newquay Guardian tomorrow.

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Guest Peppermint

I have put a posting on the Main Discussion section local boy. I no longer have anything to do with the club in an administrative position so am not privy to any discussions that might have taken place.

It certainly smacks of money talks if the rumour is true.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Flippin 'eck, you go offline for 24hrs and the whole place goes slobbernocking mad !

Newquay Ladies AFC was set up by a group of lady members of the main club but soon realised that the youngsters wishing to play were far better and stepped aside. Once the ladies side established themselves as Penzances equals, girls from all over the county joined and took the club to another level.

The management of the Ladies side from day one was Dave 'Devil' Osbourne and Andy East but soon passed the reigns over to one of the players dads (Mr Butterley) when things started to move too fast. Ownership of the club if there is such a thing, would belong to Newquay AFC whose members founded the club, allowed them to use Mount Wise free of charge and even move a Mens first team matche to an alternate date so they could play a midweek match at home.

Some may say that the Ladies have put very little back into the club by way of staying after matches over the last 4 years, others will see it as the only way Newquay and football in Cornwall has had it's image raised. Which ever way you look at it, Heaney has obviously made promises to the current Ladies management who have bitten his hand off. I have no idea if the Newquay committee were aware of the situation or have been told officially buit it is strange, that one member of the Ladies set up who was on the main committee, quit his position just a couple weeks ago. Looks like the main club who have provided facilities free for 7 years have been stabbed in the back by one or more parties.

On the plus side, that is 2 games a week less the pitch will have to suffer and Devil can now have a drink on a Saturday night as he won't have to set the ground up on a sunday.

Lets hope the planners at county Hall or wherever decisions regarding truro are made tell Heaney to bugger off back to Spurs.

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