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Saturday's postponements news SWPL. 23/3/12

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Latest from Phil ;

Due to prior commitments I am not going to be at home today (out ground grading - might inspect a few pitches while we are there !)

I will not likely be at home until after 6pm ish.

The weather forecast is to clear overnight to fog and then become dry but cold over the next few days.

Any decision as to allow postponements tonight or if clubs must wait until the morning, will be announced here after lunchtime today from my mobile together with any other guidance.

Phil H
8.40am Friday

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St Dennis v mousehole

Got on pitch on Wednesday with chain and arrow, pitch went in brilliantly, with the pitch being vertidrained water seems to be soaking away quite well. Went down today, a few places of standing water but underfoot it's firm and quite hard. (Same as vospers last week) with the weather drying through the night and dry Tomoro, the game should be ok. Which is good coz we are so far behind and need to play our fixtures :-)

Sure this thread said for games that are OFF!! without reading whole of your post, you would think that this game was OFF tomorrow, good job i did read whole thing !!!!

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