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msg for rappo

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hi mate i went down and had a look at our pitch today and the conditions r very good. its all dry and firm no surface water or soft ground so we r good to go i will set the pitch up for u St Erme lads and will have the changing rooms open ready for u from 12.30/1pm i will txt u 2mro and let u know if we r upstairs or downstairs to change on saturday. there will be food for ur lads after the game in the clipper bar. c u saturday my friend....

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Thanks Dave, really good of you mate!! I'll let Andy and the lads know. You ok for match balls or shall we bring a few seeing its meant to be our home game bud? Working until 2pm so see you asap Dave, thanks again for this mate x

Ps) Go easy on me, I ain't kicked a ball since 12th jan bud!!! :-(

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