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Why are the fixtures so late?

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Does anyone know why we get our fixtures monthly and not at the beginning of the season for the whole year like once happened? It seems pretty ridiculous to me that the November fixtures aren't out yet so we don't even know if we have a game this Saturday or not! It's v frustrating as you can't plan ahead on how to spend your Saturdays when your team doesn't have a game if you don't know when that might be. Ultimately teams could suffer with potentially not raising enough players to fulfill fixtures.

Just a thought!

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Fixtures for the FA Cup, FA Vase, South West Peninsula, Throgmorton Cup, Cornwall Senior Cup, Cornwall Charity Cup and Junior Cup, Devon Intermediate Cup, East Cornwall League, East Cornwall League Cup get preference over the Duchy League fixtures. If the fixtures were made at the beginning of the season most would have to be changed during the course of the season, which would entail more work. The fixtures were late in November due to the Junior Cup First Round being played on the 13th October 2012,

re-arranged games being played on the 20th October 2012 and the Second Round being played on the 3rd November 2012. So until all the Junior Cup fixtures had been played no Duchy fixtures could be made for 3rd November 2012. The CCFA should arrange to play the Junior Cup fixtures in the first week of the month and should not clash with any other cup competition, easily done if they checked all the various websites.

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