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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi everyone. Thank you to all those who attended the Quiz Night, helping to raise much needed funds for the Penzance. a pity none of the players attended as it was for their benefit.

I hope you enjoyed getting you head around my idea of brain teasers, sport, trivia, etc questions and are also now up to date with the latest Eurovision Winners.

By the way, i was right, the Irish flag is the other way round, it was the Ivory Coast! I want my points back!!!!!

Below I will list the scores of the teams again as everyone remembers theirs but not their opponents. I hope the trophies that were won hold pride of place on your mantlepieces and that you will come back and defend your honour at our next Quiz Night.

The following scores were out of 130 points

Simply The Best - 62 and a half

Real Madron - 66 and a half

No Hopers - 74 and a half

What-its - 78

Inbetweeners - 80

We're Not Gay, They Are - 81

Ken Dodds Dads Doddy Something - 84

Ranting Ravens - 84 and a half

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