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Sunday Morning Farce

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I find this a little hard to understand but what is it with clubs arranging friendlies and not turning up,

I believe that grampound had the same trouble with Gloweth utd although to be fair to them (Gloweth) we did play them the other week and they all turned up.

This Sunday (12th August) the Truro G.W.R.S.A Sunday side had a friendly arranged with Helstons 3rd team, :angry2: The pitch had been sorted and marked out (thanks Chris :thumbsup: much appreciated) and the referee (Justin Moses) :thumbsup: had very kindly agreed to do the game for us having travelled from Penryn.

Having been up early to sort out the kit and the usual things like drinks bottles and first aid kit plus phoning people to make sure they were awake the players of Truro turned up expecting a game of football, A couple of the players had even travelled from St Austell to play and all got kited up, At around 10.45 am (15 mins before k/o) I phoned the chap (No names) from Helston asking if they where on the way only to be told that he though the game was the following week.

What annoys me the most is that I had spoken to this chap during the week and confirmed everything was in order.

I’m not fussed about my time and effort but for everyone else who was involved in this shambles I can only apologise and ask that if teams would like to play friendly games could you please either have the decency to turn up or phone to say you wont be there, I’m sorry but there is no excuse for this and I just hope we can all learn lessons from it (Somehow).

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Guest el nino

We(Gloweth) didnt turn up for the Grampound game as it was called off, really enjoyed the game against you though, they were never penaltys though!

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Sorry to reply late on this one but just got back from holiday.

No-one at Grampound called off the Gloweth game and no-one at Gloweth told us they would not be coming - why would we have done all the pitch and other preparations otherwise.

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