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Report - Penzance (SWPL) v Ludgvan (Combo)

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I shouldn't listen to people in the crowd and turn up for a 6pm kick-off at 5:30. No-one there so thought it's cancelled, but I'll eat my tea first and wait till 6:30 just in case.

I sit and eat my battered sausages and chips, washed down with warm, flat Lucozade dug out from the back seat. 6pm passes and then the thoughts start going round my head - how long to hold on before giving up and spending an evening in front of the boring tv. Give it 30mins more and then go. 20 mins pass and a couple of cars turn up and it's hooray it's on and don't trust anyone again with times.

Pz are playing their 6th pre-season match and each one has been testing. It's my 7th match in 6 days, talk about players been burnt out what about their supporters.

Both teams are playing in their familier strips and Pz kick-off the first half playing towards the park end. Todays match ball is a curious mix of white and goldy-brown and look like a giant kids marble.

Early Pz pressure results in .......nothing. Pz move down the left, cross and the ball ping pongs inside the box but Ludgvan boot it away up the pitch.

Ludgvan attack,beat the off-side trap and score 0-1. Big cheer from the sizeable crowd who have turned up to watch. A mix of WAGS, players, supporters and the plain curious. In fact I missed the goal as I was trying to count the crowd to give a number and we come up with 120. Not bad for a Friday evening.

Pz kick-off again and within a minute Jowan May breaks through the Ludgvan back line and boots the ball into the bottom left of the goal. Goalie just stands there looking bemused. 1-1.

Pz break again but it is broken up by rough tackling. Free kick goes in to near post but is headed wide. Pz come again and Wayne Quinn picks up the ball gets a few paces and whack, 2-1 to Pz.

Ludgvan break, get a couple of corners that come to nothing. Pz start passing ball along their back line which looks neat until they hoof it up-field where it is wasted. This happens a few times. Danny Rendle of Ludgvan booked for a rash challenge. Ref asks Pz player Puggy to leave pitch and be replaced to calm down. He also does this to Adam West of Ludgvan. Good idea.

Jowan May tries a pile driver which is saved by the Ludgvan goalie one-handed. Good save. Ludgvan have a penalty appeal turned down when one of their players is shoved off the ball. Wayne Quinn seeing the Ludgvan goalie off his line tries a lobb from 50yds out that only just misses.


Nothing much happens in the first part of the 2nd half as Pz seem to sit back on their lead. Danny MaGee does some brilliant runs down the right putting the ball across when he isn't fouled. Poor lad must be black and blue the treatment he got from the defenders. Ludgvan start to sit back and Pz start to dominate with just the odd break away from Ludgvan.

Stuart Reynolds (ex St Day) does well linking with Wayne and Danny up front with Puggy weaving a bit of magic on the left. Ludgvan start to tire and their tackles become clumsy and rough. Ludgvan's keeper makes another excellent one-handed save from a scorcher from Reynolds.

Pz get a free kick. Wayne Quinn puts in an inch perfect cross which Jowan May connects with and the ball flies into the net. 3-1 to Pz.

Ludgvan break a couple of times forcing a good save out of the Pz goalie. The ref who had a good game blows for full time. Final score 3-1to Pz.

Ludgvan had plenty of support tonight, lets hope they stay with the team during the season. Man of the Match - Danny Magee (Pz) - tireless especially in 2nd half. A constant threat.

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