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Can anyone help

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Would anyone be able to help me with a game i have arranged for this coming sunday, I have a pitch 2 teams but i do require a ref for the game, If you would be willing to help me out i would appreciate it very much.

If you could please PM me for details of the game/time/location.

Many thanks in advance.

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Excuse me have i missed somthing here :D

coopsie, You're talking about a guy who gets enjoyment out of watching West Ham United Anita. How much more scarring could he possibly endure?. You will pay for that fella :clapper:

Tell you what if Anita does ref the game why dont you pop over and have that pint fella :drink:

Anita, Thanks for that i will send you a Pm and not a problem picking you up and a pint :drink:

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Hope you're ok cockerkneeboy and not too upset by my jibe at your beloved WetSpam?. Thanks for the offer of sunday morning mate BUT remember I told you about my 10 year old boy?, well he has his first proper footy match for a team I got him into (Alverton Athletic) at Hayle on sunday morning and I'm pretty sure that they kick off about 10.30ish. So I'm afraid it would be pretty tough for me to come and cheer you on and have a laugh at Anita's expense. :D

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Guest wildthingshappen

hi cockerkneeboy should be available sunday morning if your intrested justin from penryn let me know 01326 374701 unless your already sorted

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