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Falmouth Athletic On Top

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Congratulations to new combination league team Falmouth Athletic who are sitting proudly at the top of the jollys combination league in their first season :clapper::clapper::clapper:

Follow link below for the latest table ;)


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I note this is your 666th post and detect a little devilment in your post !!:clapper: !! Am sure they will hold their own and rise to the challenge under the watchful eye of Phil, Derek and their avid supporters. Best of luck boys.

Haha Suzie I admire the 666 observation. Maybe i was possessed as no devilment was intended just that I was looking for next years fixtures and noted the league positions. Believe me after Holmans last two seasons i'm not stupid enough or in the position to take the mickey out of any side......looking forward to the trip down Dracena feel a bus trip coming on :drink: :drink:

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