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jake harvey

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As Chairman of Falmouth Ath I would say that Jake would be very welcome down with us,Jake may never have reached his full potential (as he was a fantastic youngster,) but he is a very good player with probably one of the best touches I have seen, and i dont think there is a need to come on here and describe a player as you did locallad just shows your mentality!

As for Falmouth Ath paying anyone I think it might be a case of "DREAM ON"

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naiveoldman im as perplexed as you as to why i get much good press :) esp as shit performances on the pitch=no press ;)...said the sillyyoungmale... :0

On a serious note im staying at Falmouth as we have a very good squad and a brilliant team spirit and i enjoy playing there.

Falmouth Ath will be very good this year i look forward to playing against them

over and out

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