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  1. Nice little away trip for us at the blues Keynsham Town v Helston Athletic 💙💙
  2. I feel the whole situation has been dealt with relatively well considering. Both leagues are still running, both leagues have enough teams in them to run in accordance to their own constitutions, while both leagues have taken a huge hit from the teams moving into the St Pirans league. It is a shame that both Duchy and Trelawney leagues have taken a battering with teams stepping up, but isn’t that all part of football? Teams that do well want to progress. Would all those teams from lower leagues have reached the ECPL or Combo, who knows. But they have taken their opportunity to move up. A lot of hard work behind the scenes has been done by all committee members from all the leagues over the previous months to try and find the best outcome for Cornish football. They can’t keep everyone happy and never will. I tip my hat to all who have had to work tirelessly to make this happen
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