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St Blazey v Neath today KO 1pm!!

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Blazey started well creating a few chances in the first half, but unable to score. Best chance was headed off the goal line. Neath awarded penalty which came as much of as a surpise to Neath as it did to Blazey. Blazey played 4 2 4 (or that is how they lined up?) In the first half there was very good play down the middle and on the right wing. The left sided player/winger was almost non existant and upset the balance of the side by going everywhere other than the left wing. Changes at half time were inevitable and we lost any shape of the side. Neath comfortably scored two more goals.

The main things that came out of the game was they must keep their shape and all players muust remain in their designated positions, the Asst Manager was able to see how all the substitues got on durng the second half, the back four had a good game but need to be a bit more decisive, the front two created chances, but couldn't score. Until the half time changes the midfield looked very strong in the first half. Tom had a good game in goal.

With several more friendlies I am sure that the team will find it's best 11 and shape?

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