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"it'll narrow down to a three-horse race"

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One man by the sounds of it enjoying his football at the moment is Buckland's manager Phil Bayliss. No wonder I suppose as they lead the league table.

Evidence of their success so far this season is that a number of players are being hunted down for possible moves as centre-half Luke Horrocks has been approached by Tiverton Town; Dawlish Town and Bideford could move in for leading goal-scorer Gavin Hammon, and winger Matt Beer is wanted by fellow SWPL Premier Division side Bovey Tracey.

On the title race Bayliss is more than aware that its coming to the crucial time of the season:"We're coming to another important stage of the season, but I'll stick my neck out and predict that it'll narrow down to a three-horse race between ourselves, Bodmin Town and Plymouth Parkway.

"Torpoint are having a fantastic run at the moment, and Falmouth Town are another outsider, but I believe the championship will be fought for amongst those three."

On paper they should have no problem today staying on top of the table as they travel to Holsworthy.

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Its Luke Horrocks not Paul.

No one likes losing their players but I am not actually over duly worried about the players mentioned moving on, perhaps with the exception of Gavin Hammon who is still the leagues leading scorer, although as Bayliss mentions in that report , he is going through a rather lean spell at the moment.

And Hammon will have to consider that tedious drive to North Devon and Back two or three times a week should he decide to move ?

So it is with little wonder that teams playing at a higher level are going to start looking at Buckland s league topping squad.

Buckland have great depth to their squad and have made some great acquisitions themselves this season.

Bayliss rates young Buckland defender Liam Drew as one of , if not the best right back in the premier league.

With the Revell brothers he probably has the best midfielders in the league too and Marc Revell is also a superb centre half .

And of course he can call on tremendous experience with the likes of Ben Williamson and Anthony Lynch.

And current keeper Jamie Wannell as represented England Youth and again is another tremendous acquisition.

Add that to a plefora of players chumping at the bit, all is good in the hood at Buckland and I'm loving every minute of it.


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Thanks for the correction Urby. I've changed the name. I did wonder because I remember a "Paul Horrocks" who also was a central defender - commanding in the air and for a big guy also had tidy feet. He played for good sides in their day of Liskeard and Falmouth etc. Too much of a coincidence to also be a Paul!

Anyway back to the present, I'm not sure if you are a current playing member of the club or a more than keen supporter. But whichever, the club has certainly won a lot of of friends since the SWPL formation, certainly one of the new League's success stories.

So what the chances of Buckland moving up the pyramid system? Not for next season as its too late but for the season after that? Bodmin don't appear to be interested and I would imagine its a feature of the new league that must be frustrating to the mangement, let alone the FA!

However, I hear they're about to announce a new manager, described to me as "an ambitious one, able to carry the club forward, locally based and buzzing about the place".

Will he take them onwards and upwards? And when might it be public knowledge as to who it is as I gather it will be an interesting appointment to football followers both sides of the border!

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Hi Dave,

No it wasn't you who got Luke Horrocks name wrong but the the Herald Express.

I'm as much in the dark as you about the new "Gaffer" and haven't even heard much about it around the ground, although Anthony Lynch was mentioned ?

I am also informed that the committee as met regarding to Buckland moving on up but haven't heard anything other than that ?

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