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Parkway 2-1 Camelford

Thought Camelford played well and were perhaps the better team. Parkway took the lead through a smart volley b4 making it 2 nil at HT with a penalty just before the break. Paul Menhenick pulled one back before the impressive Lewis Impleton hit the bar. Camelford had several other chances but couldnt capatalise. Dont think Josh Colwill in the camels goal had a save to make 2nd half?

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I think Parkway dominated the first half but for some reason decided to sit back in the second. Maybe they thought the game was won. If they had contiuned their first half form it could have been 4 or 5 as they completely tore the camelford defence apart at times. Thought camelford came back strong and had one or two good chances in the second half. Overall, though I thought the better team won. I noticed parkway were missing a few players tonight. Were they rested ot injured can anyone tell me?

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Yeh and thats what its all about really opinions, tho i must say the game i saw Parkway didnt dominate first half. Camelford had at least 5 key players missing aswell as parkway missing some.

Mr A i cant really see where u think Parkway could of won by 4 or 5 if they carried on their first half form in which i think they had 2 shots and 1 pen?

Maybe i'm just being biased i dont know but it is interesting how different our views of the game are!

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