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Port 4-1 down at half time....

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SWPL Division 1 West

Sat 12th December 2009 - Gala Parc 2.15pm

Porthleven v Newquay 5-4 (1-4 h/t)

Admission £3, Prog 50p excellent

Tea in a Mug 50p, Pastys, sold out by the time I got there.

Att 71 H/C

For the neutral football fan, this was possibly the best value match you could ask for. Porthleven took an early lead and perhaps could have gone on to score more, the visitors defence was shambolic in the first half. They were bailed out by the forwards would rattled in four goals before half time, it is unlikely that either set of supporters would have predicted what was to come in the second half.

After soaking up some more pressure, the hosts got a lifeline in the shape of a hapless Newquay defender. From where I was stood, it seemed easier for the defender to clear the ball from his own 6 yard area rather than slice it into his own net. Porthleven went in search of a third goal, which duly arrived and it was no real surprise when a fourth was added. The visiting supporters were somewhat bemused by a substitution made by their manager, it was explained that he had taken off a forward, pushed a defender up in his place and put a defensive sub on. It surprised no one in the end when the hosts wrapped up the win that seemed very unlikely after 45mins.

Gala Parc is a lovely little ground, a steep bank on one side with park bench style seating, leading upto housing and opposite is the covered terracing with tip up seating for perhaps 50 sandwiched inbetween. The Clubhouse was basic and very empty when I ventured in before the match, just 2 older gentlemen sipping pints and 8 or so visiting supporters playing pool.

I must take up the previous posters comments on the visiting supporters, I certainly didn't hear any bad language from the stand, although the home bench did use some choice words aimed towards their own players, perhaps that is what he heard. Those sporting the festive headwear were making all the noise until the scoreline became 4-4, not something I should imagine many clubs at this level are used to. What was clear, was the friendliness of just about everyone I met at Gala Parc, even the home officials and the visiting supporters embraced and shook hands in the clubhouse when they were leaving.

Summing up, a quant ground, friendly locals and not so locals, a cracking match with 9 goals and I don't think I saw the ref reach for his cards, although I will happily be corrected on that point.

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Just read in the paper of newquay loosing 5-4 to portheleven when 4-1 up what the hell is happening at the club first theres the st austell match with the supporters then theres the team they need to get there act together quickly for the godolphin match which was a cracker last year portheleven is 1 of the nicest grounds around but no1 must be penryns like a bowling green .On to plymouth argyle glad sturrock is gone but mariner is not the man neil warnock is to sort this pile of crap out the team need a good overhaul and hes the man to do it until its to late ,he has a house in cornwall and i bet he would love to return to argyle maybe he would bring ambrose and moses with lol.So come on you pilgrims and peppermints lets have something to cheer. :c:

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