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Sat's Latest Met Forecast for the weekend!!!

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Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Rain at first on Saturday should soon clear but more rain is expected later. Windy with sunny spells and blustery showers on Sunday and Monday.


This sounds like a repeat of last Saturdays weather, we all expected for the rain to hold off, hence why so many matches started but did not conclude.

Good luck to all teams on Saturday but i have a funny feeling it's going to a matter of Deja Vu, it looks like some tricky decisions will have to be made by the officials this weekend.

My suggestion is the if you can get the game started asap on Sat then do so, a decision on our game was made at 2:25 which was far to late when actually if we kicked off at 2 their may have been a good chance that the game COULD have been finished.

So come on groundsman stop worryng about the pitch we need to play these games. How many times do we see on TV the games from the 60'S AND 70s being played in thick mud, unfortunately it now seems that Health and safety has take control even of :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: grass roots football.

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The biggest problem groundsmen have got is that most pitches are already saturated with rain water over the past two weeks are simply not draining away fast enough if situated on low ground. Any major downpour on Friday night as forcasted could see a lot of games cancalled for another weekend due to being waterlogged.

I'll be very suprised if our game is on because our groundsman will struggle to mark the pitch. :(

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