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Newquay AFC to Appeal to the F.A.

Guest RedDel

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After a meeting at Mount Wise on Sunday 23rd November 2009 it was decided, by the officers of the club, that the Newquay AFC WILL now be appealing to the Football Association. There will be no further comment from the club until after any appeal has been heard.

Derek Cherry

Secretary, Newquay AFC

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Guest Bundiwilliams

just like to say good on to ya, i wish you all the luck with the appeal.

two players come off pitch and beat the hell out of your fans and your getting punished, that makes every sense!!!!

good luck to newquay with the appeal from Portreath AFC

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Guest Peppermint

That is a coincidence I have just wished Bundiwilliams and Portreath the best of luck in the Combination League Section.

Thanks for your good wishes which are greatly appreciated.

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Definitely, good luck with your appeal

I can't see what you've done wrong as a club. Your supporters had done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law, or the laws of football yet you get punished!

Hopefully this will stand against the CCFA

they wouldn't to give that fine money back,who would pay for the nights out in the top hotels :(

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I'm sure that all true football fans wish Newquay AFC well with the appeal.

A friend of mine who is a Police Officer from Swindon was at the game, but obviously not on duty. He tells me that the Newquay Supporters were a noisy bunch, but heard nothing that he would consider abusive or unlawful. He did say, that he was on duty at the Swindon v Millwall match the week before and it was more eventful at Poltair Park.

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Unless the procedure has changed, the appeal is very difficult and not at all as you might expect..

You can't just appeal on the grounds that they got it wrong.

You can't introduce new evidence.

The only grounds are that incorrect procedures were followed or that the penalty was incorrect.

I had a go way back in the John Ryder days and found it quite difficult. The chairman kept stopping me and saying that it had already been decided. Was I appealing about the procedure or the penalty.

In spite of all that, I think that the board got the picture and wiped the penalty but it wasn't really a good example of justice.

Newquay will find it very difficult and MUST get the right advice or they will fail and have to pick up a sizeable bill for the costs.

(I was quoted £300 for mine when phoned the day before - "would I like to withdraw?")

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I agree that Newquay shouldnt be fined. I also believe that St.Austell as a club have been fined unfairly. I wasn't personally at the ground, but from what i have heard, the actions of the 2 players were completely out of the hands of all at the club, and was even admitted by one of the players involved that there was nothing the club could've done to prevent his actions. Nobody was aware of what was going to happen, and certainly committee members were more focussed on taking down the nets with 2 minutes to go rather than looking to stop angry players going into the stand!

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