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CORNISH SOCCER Weekly Stats - Issue 3

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Glad you asked Midlandsman ..... I've decided to hold over Issue 4 so that it includes last week's and this coming Saturday's as well.

Reason for this being that obviously the weather severely affected the day's programme and so hoping this week will be different and therefore more to include, plus, and which is more concerning, there has been a distinct lack of interest in this sort of publication, and so I need to perhaps rethink

Will keep you posted via this Forum.


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What a pity about lack of numbers, as I think for me it is as vital a way of looking at the results and tables with me being up here in Mansfield to sort of stay in touch with going ons down there. If the publication isnt viable, would it not be a good idea for 1 person from each league to say put all the results from there league and all their league tables on a page and update each week..as i've said before it is lovely to visit such clubs as Troon and Redruth Utd but very difficult to find out their results or tables without going through all the threads. I think the lack of interest is sometimes like everything, people moan there is no publicity and say yes we would be interested if you knock something up but what happens then, people dont care grrrrrr..well please let me know as I am interested and will continue to support you.

As you have probably seen in other post I have got permission to do DVD's of the Cornish Grounds, so in your next issue if you would like to give my details then please do so and I will donate £1 to this forum, £1 to charity and £1 for postage, so total costs will be £3 all in. Payment can be in cheques or postal orders.



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