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With the North London Derby pending and my nerves getting frayed, I thought I would pose the question about who you would like your team to draw in the next round of the Carling Cup.

Although considered a minnow of the silverware options, the Carling Cup is one sure way of getting into next year`s Europa league. Spurs will be trying to get a place at Wembley Stadium for the third time in as many years. Problem being, whoever we draw, we are guaranteed a difficult match as the 3 of the top 4 English sides are still in the running.

The draw for the Quarter Finals of the Carling Cup take place this coming weekend with fixtures to be played on the weekend of the 30th November.

Spurs booked their place in the quarter final of the cup with a 2-0 win against Everton at White Hart Lane on Tuesday night.

Ideal draw for you????

Quarter Finalists:


Man Utd



Man City



Aston Villa

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well the best draw for chelsea would be a trip to 3 point lane :yahoo::yahoo:

Typical blinkered Blue nose response there :rolleyes:

Since November 2006, results at White Hart Lane have gone the following way...

2-1 Spurs win

4-4 That's a draw, nobody won ;)

1-0 Spurs win..

Too busy living in the past fella, times change..

So the best draw for Chelsea would be a trip to "1 point out of a possible 9 Lane", in the hope we can revive the past??. :rolleyes:

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dangle the bait and they will bite; :yahoo::yahoo:

lets be honest its not realy a cup that the top teams are realy bothered about until it comes to the final. perhaps if the spuds were in the champions league they would realise this


Let's be honest, click on the link, look at the slide show, enjoy in particular the pictures from 25 to 30, they show just how much the "top clubs" are not really interested in that particular cup ;) ..

If only we were good enough to be in the Champions League, we'd have really rubbed your noses in it :c:

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