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Has the Combination League in its present form run its course? I don't know if I'm falling into the trap, of when I played it was much better. Since the inception of the SWPL it seems to me, that the standard of football in the JCCL has fallen, particularly when the game is between reserve teams of the SWPL clubs. Is it time to consider that, reserve sides of SWPL play in their own league, without the promotion/relegation scenario. There is still a place for the JCCL in the pyramid as an essential stepping stone to a higher league. You could reduce the JCCL to say 16 teams giving some of the more ambitous junior clubs a better shot at gaining senior status. Would a seperate league for SWPL reserves,enable these clubs to play youngsters, where they could gain experience without the everyday hustle and bustle of the first level of senior football.

Whilst on the point is it not time that the senior and junior cups are just that, why do senior clubs have to enter a team in the junior cup competition? I know it's a tricky subject but I believe that Cornwall is one of the few local FA's that still has the junior/senior status. These are my own thoughts and I realise that they pose more questions than answers. However I ask them to perhaps stimulate a debate and to see if there is a hunger for a change, with the proposed Fal-Hel/ Mining League merger on the cards in the forseeable future

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"You could reduce the JCCL to say 16 teams giving some of the more ambitous junior clubs a better shot at gaining senior status."

How would reducing the number of teams in the combo give more junior teams an opportunity to move up the pyramid ? Promotion and relegation should be simplified, 2 up 2 down. The top of fal/hel and the top mining div teams should automatically be given the chance to progress as long as they want to and pass any ground requirements (going by some of the pitches in the combo ground requirements are non existant).

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Relegating the bottom club on a regular basis is a way to maintain playing standards. Combo hasn't relegated many teams in recent years, which results in more lop-sided scorelines than should be the case.

The South Devon and Deven & Exeter Leagues have the top division at the same level as the Combo. Would a 7 division West Cornwall League setup be a good idea?

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