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From the last 3 games and pre season, the rough squad plus any sensational signings we make in the next week :yahoo: !

GK Luke Hilliard

DEF James Mosely

DEF Brett Andrew (mabye injured for the game?)

DEF Ashley Pascoe

DEF Guy Mills

DEF Adam Keenan

MID Rob Watson

MID Adam Smit

MID Josh McDonald

MID Ryan/Joe? Cooper

MID Sam Care

MID Ryan Tresidder

MID Steve Gumo?

FW Alan Rogers

FW Liam Dury

FW Moha ? (not even going try with the surname!)

FW Luke Myres

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Good team or no?

wHAT ARE PEOPLE FEELINGS. ok i dont know these players but i am assuming they are all 16/17 age range. And from what i have read they are not up to the standard they play. Therefore are these players gaining anything from getting hammered every week. Surely they will become despondent and lose confidence?? Or could it be that just playing against higher players they will get fitter and more confident, experienced??

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Guest Reginald Perrin

What i gather from people i have spoke to over there is that The chairman likes the ideea of 5 teams instead of maybe just 1 successful one

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Just filling in the blanks.

ryan cooper. NOT joe cooper

and steven gummow

our oldest player this season is 22, most of the squad are made up of 17 and 18 year olds.

i believe the idea is to build a squad for next season, get the lads some experience and push on next season.

i believe everyone currently involved in the club wants nothing but the best for each of wendron's sides.

despite recent results, morale is high at wendron and i believe that the squad we have is capable of getting results, starting saturday hopefully!

all the best

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From what have seen i think a few of the lads will be very down, i made the game on saturday and upon hearing Marcus Smith had left the club in the changing rooms there were a couple of new player's in the side. Have to be honest, none of which were great. Players that stood out saturday, Adam Keenan had a very solid game and caused problems, techincally not brilliant but a big strong lad who mixes things up. Has to be said, once again the only techincally sound players look to be the left back Mills and the centre mid Tresidder, both of which like to play football, along with Andrews who seems solid at the back, however is suffering from injurys by the looks of it. I hope they stick together, to be honest though a new manager could be a starting post. Yes they are young, average ag probably near 20, however there are teams that have done it before with young side's and clearly the idea is that, yes you can have a very good season with young players, inexperienced though they may be, however have pure talent, however you cannot have a good season with young players who aren't gifted to play at this level.I fear the worst for wendron against perranporth!

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Perhaps a manager and 3/4 older heads with good experience is required to mix up with younger players. otherwise who will they learn off in the current team?


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Completely agree, certainly needs some older experienced heads. There are heads at the club from the 2nds and 3rds who im sure who could do a job in the firsts, however maybe they don't want to play, or the manager wants the youth in, im not sure however something needs to be done urgently to save wendron firsts, i would say from relegation however apparently there are no relegations this season? if anyone could clarify that would be great.

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Most of the team is made up from players from the 3rds that came 3rd from bottom in FHL 2 last year :blink:

Although it is good to be playing a higher standard I don't think they will learn much from gettin beat by a large difference each week? Scored 0 and conceded 18 in first 3 games?

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